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With the support from Goethe International Relief Fund 2021 and Ministry of Culture of Mongolia, Nomadic Red Corner turned 800 meters long residential street into artistic neighborhood, located just next to Magic Land Community Center, in Uliastai Ger District of Ulaanbaatar city. To realize this phase of the project, open call was announced among artists and volunteers. As a result, 15 Mongolian artists and around 50 volunteers were selected and invited to work on this project. During the whole month of October 2021, artists and volunteers painted 800 meters long street and created 25 artworks on the fences and doors. Formerly looked dusty grey street looks now very bright colorful and residents of the area are very pleased with the change. Art creation process also involved children and youth living in that street. The project artistic team included experienced and highly regarded contemporary artists. Magic Land Community Center provided extensive support, connecting with local government and residents and allowing artists to use their space and kitchen. Project team also implemented additional work as donation from their side, by building outdoor calisthenics equipment set for the kids and youth, living around Magic Land Community Center.

Nomadic Red Corner is a collaborative project between MCASA and Art Space 976+ dedicated to the development of Ger districts of Ulaanbaatar through public art. Ger Districts accommodate majority of rural migrants and low-income families. The initiative aims to bring together professional artists, residents, volunteers, and organizations in order to dispel negative assumptions about Ger districts and to create a more attractive and friendly environment for its residents and visitors.

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