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General Information

Nomadic Red Corner is currently settled in the courtyard of Magic Land 2 – Community Development Center, located in the Uliastai area of Bayanzurkh district, a sub-urban part of Ulaanbaatar city. Residency is in 11 km from the city center and surrounded by residential houses and Gers of recent rural migrants.

The program was initiated by the Mongolian Contemporary Art Support Association and Art Space 976+, with the aim to bring art closer to the residents of Ger Districts of Ulaanbaatar city through implementation of creative community activities and organization of artistic events and workshops. Current partner Magic Land 2 – Community Development Center is a second center, which was established in 2019 by Lantuun Dokhio NGO, due to the increased need for places for children with loving and safe environment. The center was built and operates now with the love of thousands of individuals, volunteers, and business community that supported and donated to the project.

Open call

The project calls visual and sound artists, curators and art critics from all around the world to join this initiative. The residency consists of a very unique compound, which is made of traditional nomadic tents Ger and encourages international participants to work together with local artists and the community and share their experiences.

Duration of residency

We encourage a minimum of 15 day-stay. Although residency is open throughout the year, more suitable time is from middle of May to early October, as Ulaanbaatar gets extremely cold during winter time.


Living in Nomadic Red Corner residency is a unique opportunity, which allows artists to experience a traditional Mongolian, self-sustainable and minimal lifestyle. Residency compound has two Gers. Each Ger has 3 beds, kitchen amenities, sheets, towels, shelves and other necessary supplies for accommodating 6 artists in total. The residency encourages artists to share the space and help each other. Ger (often called as yurt) is a round-shaped traditional Mongolian housing with cone-like roof, covered by felt under canvas, which is used for the thousands of years as a dwelling by nomads in the steppes of the country. Wooden structure and furniture of Gers are beautifully designed, using contemporary and traditional elements and made by local artists. Artists are allowed to use shower and bathrooms of the community center, which is within 50 meters from residence. As Gers are not connected to infrastructure, artists need to carry water from the community center and use them for cooking, washing kitchen stuff, floor etc. During cold weather, fire can be made for heating, using stove installed in each ger. Instructions for living will be provided.


Artists can cook at home, as residency has all necessary supplies, including refrigerator, stove, pots, coffee maker and others. Grain products, tea, coffee, cookies, basic vegetables, meat, egg and some ingredients will be provided. During workshop days, community center will provide breakfast and lunch.

Fees and support

50 USD per day (per person) for accommodation and food. Selected applicants will be required to pay the 50% deposit in advance. We encourage artists to apply for funds to the international organizations, such as ASEF, Prince Claus fund, or funding organizations of their respective countries for the travel and research grant. For the selected applicants, project will provide all necessary letters necessary for obtaining visa and grants. Funded residency projects will be announced individually.

Expectations towards the artist

During their stay, each resident should make some contribution for the community. Contribution can be in form of small to large scale artworks created in the Ger district, or workshop organized at the community center. Project team and community center will provide support for making plans and provide necessary supplies and equipment. Artists are encouraged to contribute to the permanent collection/archive of the residency with their work, if possible.

Support from the organization

Project will make sure at least one Mongolian artist will be taking part of residency program, who shall help international artists knowing local art scene, meeting artists and visiting ongoing exhibitions and exploring different areas of the city. Project team will also seek possibilities of supporting international artists, if they have special projects in mind, to implement with local artists. Upon request of international artist, project team can organize trips to countryside of Mongolia. For such trips, artists shall cover associated costs.

Studio / Workspace

Nomadic Red Corner compound has one extra Ger next to the residential dwelling, used for storing various supplies and materials and for team meeting. Magic Land Community Center also has library, coffee shop, conference room and classrooms for dance, music and painting, which can be used for workshops and meetings. Outdoor area of courtyard has calisthenics equipment set and basketball court.

Application information

The applicants should send the following information to

  • Portfolio and links to their work;
  • Country of origin and current residence;
  • A short description of the plan during residency;
  • The dates they wish to stay at the residency;
  • Any other information, the applicant want to let the Red Corner team to know.

Please don’t hesitate contacting us with any questions about our residency and its programs.

See photos of residency here: