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Munkhtuvshin Lkhagvadorj, the Governor of the 14th khoroo of Sukhbaatar district, who saw the creative community neighborhood created during the Nogoonbaatar Eco Art Festival held at Uuliin Nuur Park, approached project team to collaborate on painting of filthy, backside corner of commercial building located in 7 Buudal of Sukhbaatar District of Ulaanbaatar city, to reduce violence and alcoholism. Artists Tuvshinjargal Tsend-Ayush, Soyolsaikhan Batsaikhan, Amarsaikhan Namsraijav and Munkh-Erdene Munkhzorig worked together and changed groomy corner within six days. Upon completion of painting, flowers were planted by workers of 14th administration unit. The project was also supported by the chairman of the district Citizens’ Khural, Enkhbold Bukhchuluun. District government officials and residents said that the area had became much peaceful after change.

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